Midweek indulgence

Homemade Nectarine & Pistachio Crunch Layers

In need of a midweek booster to get through the week? This fun & easy recipe only took me 15 minutes to prepare and there are so many ways you can tweak the recipe to incorporate different fruits & nuts.

50g breadcrumbs (I cut a slice of bread into tiny pieces & baked it for 5 mins)
25g fruit muesli
50g demerara sugar
25g shelled pistachios, finely chopped
500g Keiko‘s custard cream
500g fat-free Greek yoghurt
2 tbsp honey
4 ripe nectarines, stoned, thinly sliced

Mix and bake the breadcrumbs, muesli, sugar and pistachios together in the oven until they are crisp and golden brown (aprx 8 mins). Remember to stir mid way so that they are evenly toasted. Cool once done.
2) Beat the custard with the yoghurt and sweeten with syrup or honey.
3) Layer the mix in 1) and 2) with nectarines and you’re done!

The less sinful dessert 🙂

Recipe from BBC GoodFood magazine (Asian edition, July issue)

PS: We found these retro Sinalco cups when we were cleaning up the storeroom!