A piece of my heart

If you are looking for an absolutely sweet gift for a girl, this is it. Seriously, what can be cuter and sweeter than a box filled of jellyhearts? I thought it was something that only exists in Pinterest until my brother’s girlfriend brought us a box of it.

Imagine how much I gushed about it! This box of 20 jellyhearts can melt anyone’s heart. The strawberries are cut to look like hearts and that there’s a layer of cheesecake that’s sandwiched between the cookie crust and strawberry jelly. One piece is not enough!

These jellyhearts can only last a few days, as no preservatives are used. One box of 20 pieces costs $18 and you can order it via this phone number: 9459 7711. I don’t think they have a website or provide delivery, so you have to collect it from Novena.

I feel like attempting to bake this one day. Will share it if it is a success. 😛 Have a great weekend!


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Cold Stone Creamery is not your usual ice cream parlour. You can choose the flavours and toppings you want, or try one of their Signature Creations. Here are the three we tried:

  • Founders’ Favourite: Sweet cream ice cream, pecans, brownie, fudge and caramel
  • Peanut Butter Cup Perfection: Chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, REESE’S peanut butter cup and fudge
  • Banana Caramel Crunch: French vanilla ice cream, roasted almonds, banana and caramel

Watch them mix in the different ingredients before tossing your ice cream in the air and catching it with a cup. A little gimmicky but I assure you that the ice cream taste great in their freshly made molten state that can’t be replicated when it is pre-made. I would also request them to go easy on the caramel so that it’s not too sinfully sweet. 😉

Founder's Favourite and Peanut Butter Cup Perfection

PS: The plain waffle tastes much better than the chocolate coated waffle.