Weekend shopping relevation


Seeing the new designs of my favourite brand is like hearing a new album from my favourite artist!! It’s always so fun to pour through the whole collection.

Anyway, hope everyone’s having a great weekend. I will be going to Tokyo on Tues and I hope to share the results of my extensive research. lol

PS: I just saw Aeropostale at Citylink! It was quite a surreal moment to see it in Singapore though the prices are quite steep though, like $30-$40 for a top and $99 for a cardigan. I can’t imagine how expensive Abercrombie will be in Singapore.

– Eileen



The influx of espadrilles in stripes, swirls, ribbons and pretty concoctions of colours is making us swoon. We want a pair of each because these pretty shoes fit summer to a tee and they pretty much go well with everything from sundresses and skirts to shorts and chinos.