I love tea!

I have a crazy affair with tea. Crazy enough to like them when they are warm or cold, sweet or unsweetened. I would have them with condensed milk, evaporated milk, fruits, flowers and even pudding. The only thing I don’t think they go well with is the chewy pearls from bubble tea. I love the strong aroma of hot chinese tea that doesn’t require sugar to enhance its taste. The musty taste of thai ice tea is so awesome when it is served with crushed ice. I enjoy Japanese macha tea in all solid to liquid state – cake, ice cream, frappe, mochi and the list goes on. Lemon tea is oh so wonderful when it’s homemade and you can pour in just the amount of sugar syrup you want. Tea is just my cup of tea!


Modern Love

I don’t fancy grand weddings with like 50, 60 tables, big bling bling diamond rings and over-the-top wedding gowns, but these heart melting wedding photos from Lightedpixels brought a whole new level of oohs and aahs from me. I can literally feel the mushy, mushy love oozing out of these pretty images, and they don’t look overly cliché being in Paris and all. It must be the editorial and street photography vibe that makes it more relatable and modern as a dream wedding!

– Eileen