I love tea!

I have a crazy affair with tea. Crazy enough to like them when they are warm or cold, sweet or unsweetened. I would have them with condensed milk, evaporated milk, fruits, flowers and even pudding. The only thing I don’t think they go well with is the chewy pearls from bubble tea. I love the strong aroma of hot chinese tea that doesn’t require sugar to enhance its taste. The musty taste of thai ice tea is so awesome when it is served with crushed ice. I enjoy Japanese macha tea in all solid to liquid state – cake, ice cream, frappe, mochi and the list goes on. Lemon tea is oh so wonderful when it’s homemade and you can pour in just the amount of sugar syrup you want. Tea is just my cup of tea!


Loysel’s Toy is not so fun

Before venturing forth excitedly on a Saturday morning (imbued with a false sense of being serious food hunters), we checked our GPS three times and exchanged SMSes on the address of this place twenty more times to nail down its exact location.

Situated at the end of Kampong Bugis at the foot of an industrial, yawn-inducing building is Loysel’s Toy. A suggestively playful and quirky cafe that we hoped would make the trip and find worth the effort.

The place turned out to be as crowded as it was inaccessible. We thought we must be in for a real treat (albeit being rather late in the game as food hunters since it was already swarming with people). The menu was limited so we ordered nearly everything that was on it. Three of us and only three types of sandwiches, so.

Coca Cola in a bottle and House Muesli

Chicken Sandwich with roast chicken, golden mango, lettuce and homemade curry mayonnaise & Ham Sandwich with ham, cheese, apple slices and wholegrain mustard

Beef Sandwich with pan-fried strip steak, rocket, caramelised onions and dijon mustard

Disappointingly Loysel’s Toy failed to live up to our expectations. We sat very close to the kitchen and there were constantly houseflies hovering over our food which only prompted us to wonder how clean their kitchen was. The latte that came filled only half the cup (never occurred to us we could be particular about this but it struck us as a half-attempt at impressing).

The sandwiches were creative but weren’t well done. On top of that it felt like bread to meat ratio was 20:1 for all three sandwiches. You’ll only love it if you’re a carb lover (which I usually am, but not in this case). Tapioca chips also failed to lift the flat meal.

Well, consolation is we saw another restaurant sitting above it. Since we’ve found the place we may jolly well go back to try it. Till then!