Paul fails to impress in Singapore

It took us 15, 20 minutes to queue before we got a seat at Paul on a Sunday late afternoon. Our choice of caffeine that day were café au lait and mocha. It was the first time I tried café au lait, so I can’t make a good judgement. All I can say is that it tasted like coffee flavoured milk. The mocha, on the other hand, had a rich dark chocolate taste. I was really excited when I ordered the crépe mixte but it didn’t turn out the way I expected it to be. The crépe had the right texture – soft and thin – but it didn’t blend well with the ham and cheese. It barely filled me up and there wasn’t any dressing on the side salad..

The saumon croque-monsieur was cold when it was served. Nothing special about this dish too other than the few fish bones we found. The portions are small and the salad was plain.

Not to mention, the staff at Paul definitely need more training. It was a feat to get their attention and the waitress did not get back to us when we tried to order the tartelette citron. She said she would check if it was available but she didn’t get back to us after 15 minutes.


An authentic all-day breakfast place

All-day breakfast places are such a hype these days that the hipster in me refused to patronise them for the past few months. I am happy with my local hawker food and teh ci peng siew dai (milk tea) that don’t cost an arm and a leg. The mood to try somewhere new finally hit me on Saturday and it was a toss between Maison Kayser and Wild Honey. We eventually chose Wild Honey because we felt that we would probably order quite a bit to fill ourselves up if we ate at Maison Kayser.

Caffeine was our top priority! Muahaha. The ice vanilla latte was great but the roasted almond latte was puuurfect. The thick layer of foam came with a smiley face and the nutty aroma would send you to caffeine heaven in a sip.The Aussie was probably the most humongous dish in the menu. 240 gram of steak came with fried potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms and a big piece of charred toast. Mushrooms are a must for us, and those tomatoes were the overpriced ones that I have been eying at the grocery store for a while! Every part of the dish was well thought off and executed although we felt the steak was slightly blend.‘I Love New York’ truly deserves its name. I have been craving for a bagel for the longest time ever since I was back from US three years ago, and I can finally say with a huge grin that I have tasted a kick-ass bagel in Singapore.

To give you an idea how difficult it is to find a decent bagel, I have actually tried all the bagels I have seen – Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Pullman Bakery, NYC Bagel from the supermarket and even tried it in the New York cafe at Tokyo Disney Sea.

$24 is not what I would expect to pay for a bagel, but this is different. They made their own cream cheese and there was smoked sturgeon and caramelised onions in their fluffy scrambled eggs. It would have definitely been a fishy disaster if it wasn’t cooked well.

The deco of the place was cute, and we were very well attended by the staff which doesn’t happen as often as I would like in Singapore. Certainly spurred the holiday mood in me and that’s money well spent. 🙂

Wild Honey
6 Scotts Road, #03-01 Scotts Square, Singapore


4 rochester park Stepping into Graze is like entering a friend’s backyard – and the morning we went the weather was beautiful. Easily one of the best places to spend a lovely Saturday morning out with friends and breakfast. 4 rochester park 4 rochester road The informal outdoor and homely indoors sets guests at ease, especially with the wide spaces between each table to allow adequate conversation-privacy and comfort.

Traditional European breakfast

Egg Benedict & Signature Cast Iron Pan

Brunch here reminded me of the reasons why we can fall in love with food – and that a perfect breakfast to start the morning can make a difference to how the rest of your day turns out.

Brunch essential: A good cup of latte

According to the only American at our table (our Burger-Authority), the burger was way better than DB’s or any other found in Singapore. The eggs benedict was predictibly straightforward but done really well – and ooh – their signature cast iron pan was appetizing both to the taste palette and the eyes. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a big hearty breakfast. It was so good we finished it to the last baked bean.

The place is laidback with great food and easy for a romantic date or a small group of friends. Definitely worth a visit 🙂

Graze burger - premium beef pattie, fried egg, bacon, lettuce & tomato

4 Rochester Park Singapore 139215

Universal love for bacon

BaconWe love breakfast/brunch on weekends and bacon adds that extra oomph. Enjoy the best of two continents with these easy recipes.

American style
Sandwich with milk. Spread mayonnaise on both slices of your bread. Place bacon, cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato in your sandwich and chomp away

English breakfast
Scrambled eggs, baked tomato, fried bacon and toast with mushroom. Tastes best with a nice cup of tea/coffee

Loysel’s Toy is not so fun

Before venturing forth excitedly on a Saturday morning (imbued with a false sense of being serious food hunters), we checked our GPS three times and exchanged SMSes on the address of this place twenty more times to nail down its exact location.

Situated at the end of Kampong Bugis at the foot of an industrial, yawn-inducing building is Loysel’s Toy. A suggestively playful and quirky cafe that we hoped would make the trip and find worth the effort.

The place turned out to be as crowded as it was inaccessible. We thought we must be in for a real treat (albeit being rather late in the game as food hunters since it was already swarming with people). The menu was limited so we ordered nearly everything that was on it. Three of us and only three types of sandwiches, so.

Coca Cola in a bottle and House Muesli

Chicken Sandwich with roast chicken, golden mango, lettuce and homemade curry mayonnaise & Ham Sandwich with ham, cheese, apple slices and wholegrain mustard

Beef Sandwich with pan-fried strip steak, rocket, caramelised onions and dijon mustard

Disappointingly Loysel’s Toy failed to live up to our expectations. We sat very close to the kitchen and there were constantly houseflies hovering over our food which only prompted us to wonder how clean their kitchen was. The latte that came filled only half the cup (never occurred to us we could be particular about this but it struck us as a half-attempt at impressing).

The sandwiches were creative but weren’t well done. On top of that it felt like bread to meat ratio was 20:1 for all three sandwiches. You’ll only love it if you’re a carb lover (which I usually am, but not in this case). Tapioca chips also failed to lift the flat meal.

Well, consolation is we saw another restaurant sitting above it. Since we’ve found the place we may jolly well go back to try it. Till then!

All the makings of a good breakfast

Image source: Designsponge

We were full of nail-biting excitement all week for my pancake party. It sounds silly but that’s because it’s our virgin pancake party…and we wanted nothing short of a breakfast orgy. We usually have a lifeguard waiting on hand in the form of the boyfriend/ or sister/ mother, but we went ahead anyway… just because nothing smells better than weekend beginning with pancakes.

So this morning I got up all groggy and nervous and the first thing I did was started to kill myself trying to make pancakes in the form of Heart Shapes. (I know, overly-ambitious for a first-timer but since when is the weekend time for logic?) only to give up after three failed attempts and decided to make them proper. It didn’t turn out so bad. I am convinced that no matter what a pro you are, even if you’ve flipped them 32452 times before, the first one of the day surely gonna be a flop. Also mixing blueberries into the pancake batter and the having the bluey sweetness burst in your mouth induces food tasting-in-ratatouille-style, which is awesome yummm.

Staple list of 5 must-haves

1. Generous heaps of blueberries & strawberries
2. Maple syrup (original canadian ones are the best)
3. Smoked ham and/or smoked salmon
4. Garlic butter and/or margarine
5. Ice cream!

If this is your first, here are 3 tips to a smashing pancake party

1. Slightly burnt pancakes are better than pale ones. Leave them a little longer on the stove.
2. Have a good selection of teas, juices, coffee and milk at hand
3. Aim to have it on a weekend morning. Check the weather forecast and have it when it’s chilly and cold 🙂