City Square Mall

City Square Mall is a nice place to hang out with a few hidden finds. It used to be mainly for Vanessa Beauty & Henna Artwork Creations (#B2-28 ) where I thread my eyebrows, but there’s more than that now.

The western food at the Banquet (#B2-01/04) food court is really decent. They are generous with their portions and there’s quite a few to choose from. My favourite has to be the Hawaiian chicken. The slight sweetness from the pineapple sends me straight to the seaside of Hawaii with hula girls dancing in the background. My imagination runs quite wild when food is good. 😉

You should also not overlook Saizeriya Italian Restaurant (#B2-55/56) that’s just opposite Banquet. The outdated deco and low prices (<;$10) are in no way a good indication of the quality of their food. It is actually a Japanese chain of Italian family-style restaurants that serves salad and free-flow drinks with a small top up fee.

I am always a happy camper there because everything is below $10. I can order what I like and also have salad with fresh salmon! The left picture is the normal salad, and the one on the right is with salmon. They are quite generous with their dressing, so you might want them to put it at the side instead.

The dishes taste like homecooked food which is comforting after a day’s work. My favourite spaghetti at Saizeriya is the creamy spaghetti with spinach and salmon. A good mix of veg and fish makes me a happy girl. The spinach was cooked perfectly, not over or under-cooked. It’s a pity that the sauce for the tuna pasta is too diluted, or it would make a good dish. The fungi spaghetti is decent, but it felt like something is missing.

Here’s a picture of the gratin which was not a lot. The cheese was nice, but I am not sure if it’s filling enough.

Another of our favourite find at City Square Mall is Make Shake (#B2-K2/K11). They have a huge list of ingredients that you can choose from to make your milkshake, or choose any of their popular combinations. I really like the fact that their milkshakes are made of ice cream, so they don’t taste too milky or runny. Milkshakes with tiny chunks of chocolates are great desserts that are quite hard to come by in Singapore. 🙂


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