Hippopotamus – not a place for tiny stomachs

We came by Hippopotamus because we were driving round the area and didn’t want to queue for Imperial Treasure at Marina Square. Faced by our lack of options and a sudden appetite for meat, we decided to check this place out.

At first Hippopotamus seemed like a family restaurant, especially so because we were there on a Sunday, but it’s not unbearable like Swensons so that’s all right. We ordered quickly because they had a large selection of steaks and we were hungry, but note that there aren’t any pastas or exciting salads on their menu. This place is not for people with tiny stomachs.

Don't compare it with the french, this warm bread when buttered is very decent

Hippopotamus beef capaccio

Hippopotamus Chicken Skewers

We ordered a few of their starters but not many because the mains each came with three accompanying sides and that was going to be filling enough. The chicken skewers were quite appetizing but they tasted suspiciously like something that came out of an instant ready-to-eat packet. The beef capaccio received mix reviews around the table – personally I found it bland but Eileen thought it had just enough taste.

Hippopotamus chicken salad

This place is not for light-eaters or for those who are regimental with their diets. Do not order a salad. Order a steak instead.

We ordered steak burgers, the hanger steak and rib eyes. The burger and rib eyes were juicy and awesome for the prices but the hanger steak was passable. I think the hanger was the only one that came from a ‘set meal’. What I love about Hippo is also their generous servings of sides. They offer french beans, basmati rice, fries, mash, ratatouille and gratin. Try their ratatouille and potato gratin. Unless you have a habit of eating steak with rice, which I doubt, I suggest you skip that.

Hippopotamus creme brulee

Hippopotamus lava cake

They weren’t bad but we hardly touched the desserts. They weren’t worth the tummy stretch. The acid test of a good dessert for me usually is one that will compel me to push the boundaries (literally) of my stomach even after an especially filling meal. We barely dug three spoonfuls into ours.

I heard Hippo’s a great place for their lunch sets where you can get pretty respectable steaks for about twenty a person. Not a place that I’ll get hot and excited about, but not a place I’d say no to going back either.

Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill
6 Raffles Boulevard #01-204/205 Marina Square
6338 5352


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