4 rochester park Stepping into Graze is like entering a friend’s backyard – and the morning we went the weather was beautiful. Easily one of the best places to spend a lovely Saturday morning out with friends and breakfast. 4 rochester park 4 rochester road The informal outdoor and homely indoors sets guests at ease, especially with the wide spaces between each table to allow adequate conversation-privacy and comfort.

Traditional European breakfast

Egg Benedict & Signature Cast Iron Pan

Brunch here reminded me of the reasons why we can fall in love with food – and that a perfect breakfast to start the morning can make a difference to how the rest of your day turns out.

Brunch essential: A good cup of latte

According to the only American at our table (our Burger-Authority), the burger was way better than DB’s or any other found in Singapore. The eggs benedict was predictibly straightforward but done really well – and ooh – their signature cast iron pan was appetizing both to the taste palette and the eyes. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a big hearty breakfast. It was so good we finished it to the last baked bean.

The place is laidback with great food and easy for a romantic date or a small group of friends. Definitely worth a visit 🙂

Graze burger - premium beef pattie, fried egg, bacon, lettuce & tomato

4 Rochester Park Singapore 139215


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