A mixed bag of western food

You will find a huge variety of western style food at Lenas, a spin off of Ministry of Food. Their enormous menus consist of a permutation of meat, pasta, pizza, rice and baked rice. We ordered the Supremo pizza which was pretty decent but everything else was just meh. I guess it is quite difficult for grilled meat to go wrong with cheese, but it isn’t easy to make it incredible either.

The pasta comes with 5 choices of sauce which I unfortunately cannot remember. The smoked duck spaghetti with spicy aglio olio sauce which was indeed spicy, was pretty good to me but scorned by my two friends because it was super oily. I didn’t try the grilled chicken with pilaf rice but my friend ordered it two nights in a row.

As for the desserts, we order the chocolate fondue because it was only $12.90. We would enjoy it even better if they gave more strawberries! The hot plate brownie with fried banana and hot fudge was a highly anticipated dish that fell flat. The brownie was too cake like and the fried banana tasted weird. We even dunked the brownie into the chocolate fondue just to finish up the dessert. lol

NEX Mall #02-01/02/03

PS: I hope this post doesn’t sound too hasty. I’ve quite a few things going on at the moment but I hope to share more soon! 🙂


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