Try eight cruisine in one place

MEDZS was a nice cozy place to hang out with my uni mates as there wasn’t a crowd on a Sunday night. There were eight gourmet stations offering Spanish, Moroccan, French, Turkish, Greek and Mediterranean cruisine as well as a wide range of beer that was on 1-for-1 offer for DBS card holders.

We were all laughing when we tried the rice which was quite salty. It was acting more like a condiment for the kebab that was quite bland. The seafood paella was quite good but we can’t quite get use to rice which was cooked differently from the asian style that we are familiar with. The grains were smaller and harder.

To be honest, none of the dishes stood out. The lamb, chicken and hot plate kebab were alright. The crushed potatoes had herbs that we didn’t fancy. I knew I was taking quite a risk when I ordered the snapper skewer, and as expected, it turned out quite dry and bland. I guess I need to do more research on the food before I pop by again so that I’ll make better food choices. 😉

Orchard Central #B2-01/03


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