DB Bistro Moderne

From left to right: Wu Tang, Golden Monk and Earl Grey Martini

We’ve heard friends rave about it, and being one of the few kitchens in town that can boast of being opened by a celebrity chef, it was with much excitement and expectation when we decided to go to DB to celebrate Eileen’s birthday.

Daniel Boulard is an award-winning Lyon chef who made a name for himself in New York. Drawing from the influence of the french and the new yorkers, the restaurant resembles an opulent, romantic American Diner that can be interpreted as an upscale version of Billy Bombers. (I know many would scream objections, but DB is really just a posh burger joint). Unfortunately it was fairly crowded and noisy – waiters were constantly moving hurriedly, and there were a number of families with small children.

Complementary bread

If first impressions are anything to go by, it’s usually not by the standards of its foie gras or crème brûlée which we judge a restaurant, but by it’s bread basket! DB has a more than exceptional variety of toasty warm and freshly baked bread to start.

We started with the mouth-watering Foie Gras Terrine that we would have ordered more if it wasn’t made from ducks and gooses that are force fed. The smooth buttery texture went really well with the toast.

Since they were well-known for their burgers, most of us picked a different one from the menu. We had the Original DB Burger, the Yankee and the Frenchie which were met with mixed reactions from the table. Some of us felt that they were amaaaazing. Mouth-watering goodness in every minced patty. Larry, on the other hand, was disappointed with his NY Yankee burger. It was a quality beef patty that was slightly undercooked as he prefer to have his beef well done. Being a cheese lover, he didn’t expect to see an American-themed burger without cheese.

The seafood casserole gave us much to rave about as well, although it could have been better served with toast.The Steak Frites was juicy and very well done.

Being slightly adventurous, we ordered three different cocktails – The Wu Tang, Earl Grey and The Golden Monk. Surprisingly, the Earl Grey turned out to be the best concoction, the Wu Tang the prettiest.

We spent about $80 per person, reasonably okay for the burger goodness that’s hard to get elsewhere. But just a note of caution – we paid approx. $100 just for water + gst + service charge.

All in all, we will give this place 8 out of 10. It’s good but it’s not a place to go to often. Mixed feelings about the service. The waiter attending to our table could have been friendlier – we felt he was slightly aloof. Though, I left my phone back at the restaurant and when I went back to claim it, they were really thoughtful to have charged it (the battery was flat) for me just in case I was worried and decided to call. That, and that they called to say they had stored it in a safe, scored full marks for service to me.

I’d say if you want to know what makes a burger, DB is definitely worth giving a try.

Visit the MBS website for more information.

For Reservations call +65 6688 8525


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