All the makings of a good breakfast

Image source: Designsponge

We were full of nail-biting excitement all week for my pancake party. It sounds silly but that’s because it’s our virgin pancake party…and we wanted nothing short of a breakfast orgy. We usually have a lifeguard waiting on hand in the form of the boyfriend/ or sister/ mother, but we went ahead anyway… just because nothing smells better than weekend beginning with pancakes.

So this morning I got up all groggy and nervous and the first thing I did was started to kill myself trying to make pancakes in the form of Heart Shapes. (I know, overly-ambitious for a first-timer but since when is the weekend time for logic?) only to give up after three failed attempts and decided to make them proper. It didn’t turn out so bad. I am convinced that no matter what a pro you are, even if you’ve flipped them 32452 times before, the first one of the day surely gonna be a flop. Also mixing blueberries into the pancake batter and the having the bluey sweetness burst in your mouth induces food tasting-in-ratatouille-style, which is awesome yummm.

Staple list of 5 must-haves

1. Generous heaps of blueberries & strawberries
2. Maple syrup (original canadian ones are the best)
3. Smoked ham and/or smoked salmon
4. Garlic butter and/or margarine
5. Ice cream!

If this is your first, here are 3 tips to a smashing pancake party

1. Slightly burnt pancakes are better than pale ones. Leave them a little longer on the stove.
2. Have a good selection of teas, juices, coffee and milk at hand
3. Aim to have it on a weekend morning. Check the weather forecast and have it when it’s chilly and cold 🙂


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